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         Mesa Verde, CO (entrance)
         Cliff Palace-- Mesa Verde, CO
              Cliff Palace (close up)
  Spruce Tree House-- Mesa Verde, CO
  Spruce Tree House-- Mesa Verde, CO
   Kiva in Balcony House, Mesa Verde
 Square Tower House, Mesa Verde, CO
        Sun Temple-- Mesa Verde, CO
   East Sun  Temple-- Mesa Verde, CO

Mesa Verde Star Seed Gathering


Located on the forested slopes on the high "green table" plateau of southwestern Colorado is Mesa Verde.  Over 300 years ago the mysterious San Juan Anasazi built permanent structures known as the finest cliff-dwelling construction and the best preserved.


The Anasazi took advantage of the deep sandstone canyons and overhanging cliffs that provided shelter while the plateau offered ideal farming conditions.  These superbly preserved structures included multi-storied dwellings huddled beneath mesa cliffs rising over 2000 feet.


These spiritual cliff dwellings became the center of the Anasazi culture that existed in the southwest for over a 1000 years.  During the 7 centuries that the Anasazi inhabited Mesa Verde, they prospered and transformed into a refined culture known for its advanced agriculture techniques, intricate artistry and magnificent architecture.


The famous Cliff Palace is the most widly recognized settlement largley due to its size with 217 rooms plus kivas.  Cliff Palace is the largest pueblo on Mesa Verde, and the largest cliff dwelling.  Some of the construction is four storied.  In the tower section their are paintings on the interior walls that are still preserved. 


One of the most striking buildings in Cliff Palace is the Round Tower that is two stories high and served as both an observatory indicated by its peep-holes and had functions in spiritual festivals.  Its masonry work is the finest with stones that are beautifully fitted and dressed.


The ledge under which Cliff Palace is built forms a roof that overhangs the structure. An entrance which appears to be the principal one, came from below to a court at a lower level than the floor from which access was by ladder.


Spruce Tree House is considered Mesa Verde's best preserved structure. Spruce Tree House is nestled in a deep overhang. The three story buildings extend to the ceiling.  This third largest cliff dwelling on Mesa Verde has 114 rooms and eight kivas nestled in a 66 by 27 meter cave.  Due to the protection of the overhanging cliff Spruce Tree House had deteriorated very little.  Spruce Tree House is the easiest ruin to visit at Mesa Verde.  A paved trail descends only 100 feet from across the canyon. 


Spruce Tree House was built after Cliff Palace and has a circular room with windows or portholes which were mystical and spiritual openings in this room for the sun-priest to have watched the setting sun to determine the time for ceremonies. The room was entered from above, like a kiva.  Thee is another room that is far different from any in other cliff-dwellings that was named the 'Warriors Room' with benches surrounds three sides that was built above a kiva.


The Square Tower stands at the southern end of the village is four stories high reaching the roof of the cave.  The inner walls of its third story are elaborately painted with red and white symbols, triangles, zigzags and parallels which the shaman used in ritual practices.  The surviving kiva roofs at Square Tower House were used as models to restore two kiva roofs at Spruce Tree House.  Originally there were 80 rooms and seven kivas.  Two kivas retain portions of their roofs.


Another sacred structure is the Sun Temple, an oval shaped foundation of stones perched on a 2,500 foot cliff with a 50 mile  view to the south.  Sun Temple is located across the canyon from Cliff Palace and stands on a point of Chapin Mesa that is back from the edge of Cliff Canyon.


The Sun Temple is impressive in size as it is a hundred and twenty-one feet long and sixty-four feet wide.  It consists of a double-walled structure that is four feet in thickness enclosing a central core. It is surrounding two kivas walls.   Many experts beleive the kivas may have been towers.  The Anasazi masonry is of the finest quality with its symmetrical architectural design, fine proportions and its many decorated stones.  The stones were shaped and given a "dimpled" flat surface by the builders of the structure making it the highest type of Mesa Verde architecture.


The Sun Temple has an extraordinary range of country with a full view of Cliff Palace and other cliff-dwellings and every side shows a wide range of mesas and canyons are in full view including a spectacular view looking southward to the Mancos River.


According to modern Pueblo Indians, Sun Temple's features classify it as a ceremonial structure. The symmetrically planned "D" shaped building points to the amount of labor that went into its construction. Based upon the amount of fallen stone removed during excavation, the walls probably were between 11 and 14 feet high.


At the southwest corner of Sun Temple there is an eroded stone next to the wall with three small indentations that may have served as a sun dial to mark the change of seasons.


The Sun Temple is a power spot where earth energies and cosmic energies are finely tuned into this sacred geometry struture.  The site is unrivalled for a temple in which all could worship with devotion.  Many people have profound mystical experiences when meditating in this sacred temple.



The architecture of this Mesa Verde holy site ranges from elaborate stonework masonry to mysterious tunnels and towers along with ceremonial kivas along with 4-story structures that oddly resemble a modern high-rise.    When experiencing this spiritual power center, many people can feel the sacred energy imprints in these abundant cliff dwellings along with the many artifacts that can be seen including other sites that held deep spiritual value. 


Tucked away beneath the steep ravines and hidden caves are the native "sipapu pits" constructed for ceremonies that portray the human origins.  Many experts beleive the Anasazi were direct descendants of Star Visitors brought to earth thousands of years ago.  In other remote locations are carvings of spirals and petroglyphs showing places of prayer and the presense of important shaman. 


When experiencing the spiritual energies at Mesa Verde, you can feel the presense of Anaszi ceremonial energies that are still not only imprinted, but you can feel the embodiment of the people and practicing shaman who combined architecture, technology, agriculture, art and astrology into a holistic integration of earth living.  You can feel the love, respect and honor in all aspects of their life energy.


Some have profound spiritual experiences at the Sun Temple and are able to see "ancient braves" or as some refer "ghost braves" with black and white painted faces.  They appear to not want tourists there but seemingly can sense the spiritually aware people.  came charging at the window to scare me away. But when he saw "me", he let down.


Mesa Verde is considered by many shaman and spiritual practitioners to be a powerful portal to another dimension.  By just relaxing one's energy, it is easy to see and feel the presence of a vortex energy field.   


Some people experience seeing spirits after looking at the kachinas in the dwellings.  Others see Eototo, the native spirit who travels with Kokopeli, the flute player.  Sometimes after walking along paths to some of the mesa dwellings on top of the ground, people will see native children playing and hear their voices in the wind. Some beleive the Anasazi evolved as a spiritual society and used the portal energy fields as an intergalactical navigational vortex.