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DEFINITION:  A human child or adult who has both "Human & Extraterrestrial" origins that has been diagnosed within one of 6 (six) presently known processes listed below:

1.  Advanced BioEnergy Technology

Alteration of a human bioenergy field whereby energy imprints and/or etheric implants enable physical, health & spiritual expansion; enhanced cosmic attunement; increased PSI energy and alteration of DNA molecular vibration.


2.  Star Visitor Genes

Advanced genetic human mutation directly seeded into human reproductive DNA material.  Can also include donar enhanced gene mutation directly into the fetal development inside the pregnant mother.


3.  Star Visitor Consciousness

Sharing a human’s consciousness as either dual or alternating consciousness streams.  Ascended "Light Beings" have been described as operating in these realms known as "guardians" or "spiritual custodians" who rank above corporeal class of Star Visitors technology.


4.  Star Visitor Incarnation

Direct incarnation as a new-born human baby to accomplish important work here on earth to teach consciousness, spiritual leadership & advance spiritual commerce.


5.  Walk-In Transition

Under agreement of both parties, a human death transition is simultaneously replaced by a Star Visitor spirit which completes the life-hood.


6.  Etheric Downloads

Star Visitor mentoring is conducted in dream sequences, meditations, altered states of consciousness and OBE’s where learning and decoding of advanced information takes place preparing the Star Seed’s work progression.



As more and more Star Seeds are emerging worldwide, we begin to see other’s who have this same affinity for the cosmic realm and connection with the stars and Star Visitor abilities.  Below is one of SSGN’s Identification Lists that serves as an initial screening tool for identifying Star Seed Children & Adults.  If you can answer affirmatively 15 of 21 of the questions below, you could be a Star Seed/Star Child.


1.  Any unexplained period of missing time accompanied by confusion or apathy.

2.  Any unexplained events like strange lights, animals, or strange encounters with human-like beings.              


3.  Any strong reactions or fixations with objects which may seem normal to you, but obsessions to others.     


4.  Any fear-based reactions to ET related themes like films, pictures, shapes in the night.

5.  Any vivid dreams of UFO’s, aliens, dreams of fighting and hiding with or from authorities.

6.  Any unexplainable compulsive desires and impulses to go somewhere or do something out of the ordinary.

7.  Any unexplainable marks on the body.

8. Any feelings that you somehow do not belong in society.

9. Any longing to go home that is not on earth.

10. Any fascination with the stars.

11. Any deep seeded desire to help humanity in some way.

12. Any increased abilities in psychic energy, clairvoyance or clairsentience.

13. Compulsive desire to read material associated with ET’s, psychic abilities, life after death.

14. Any yearning to associate with other ET contactees and/or ability to discern others who are Star Seeds.

15. Any ability to telepathically connect with others and being able to have a sense of receiving ET messages.

16. Any visions and dreams of worldwide catastrophes.

17. Any abilities to lucid dream or do astral projection.

18. Any abilities to meet same people or guides in your dreams and learn from them.

19. Any abilities to have a new cosmic awareness that drastically changes your perception of life.

20. Any increased sense of spirituality and connectedness with nature.

21. Any abilities to sense awareness of being born somewhere else.