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Our "PURPOSE" is To Expand:



                           Self Transformation

                           Star Seed Awareness

                           Star Visitor Knowledge      


Star Seed Gatherings  serves as a networking organization that brings "Inter-Galactic Star Visitor" information into a knowledge system that people can use everday in their lives.  We're commited to accessing "Star Visitor Knowledge & Wisdom" that has "Meaning & Power" which serves a higher purpose.


We have created unique Star Seed spiritual gatherings and workshops for the "Awakening Star-Child." Whether you're already self-aware or just coming into the awareness of your higher-self or unsure of your current changes, specialized Star Seed Gatherings are available to assist your transformation.   We work with each person in their own spiritual evolution and have different Star Seed programs to accentuate the processes, helping to bring out your true attributes as a "Star Seed Child."


Intergalactic Purpose
Harness SV Knowledge

Our "MISSION STATEMENT" has a Threefold Structure:


1.   To Produce Star Seed Gatherings--  at different sacred sites and nature power spots where spiritual growth can occur.  Such a platform for our Sacred Seed workshops integrates Nature; Indigenous Histories and Imprinted Earth Energies to create a group balance connecting to Cosmic Energies and Star Visitor Communication.  The Star Seed Gatherings enable learning and sharing information to shift negative Earth Energies & Imprints; Understand the Physical & Spiritual Aspects; Walking Between the Worlds; Raising Energy Levels; Individual & Group Meditations and Practices of the Spirit.  (WorkshopsGroup Meditations; Healings; Energy Practices; Video Productions)


2.   To Network With a Diverse Range of Resources-- bringing together Star Seeds; Star Visitor Experiencers; Spiritual Practitioners; Indigenous Elders & Ancient Knowledge; Researchers; Scientists; SV Encounters.  We're disseminating a synthesis of information & knowledge that is non-confrontational to any belief system while embracing the human spiritual evolution with direct awareness of advanced Star Visitors intervention and intergalactic support. (Star SeedsPsychics, Indigenous Elders; Shaman; Walk-Ins; Spiritual Practitioners; UFO Researchers; Authors; Scientists)


3.   To Create a Virtual Spiritual Commerce Community-- that empowers both the individual and the group.  By promoting the Star Seed purpose and the collective group intention, we collectively utilize each other's Expertise; Talents; Trade Skills; Services and Creativity.  Working with Integrity; Love; Honor; Respect; and Spiritual Harmony, everyone benefits while contributing in their authentic higher-self.  As Star Seeds, we can network to co-manifest new opportunities, changes, growth and empowerment. (Jobs; Projects; Barter Services; Networking; Workshop Contractors; Strategic Partnering; Business Ventures)


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