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             ZION CANYON, UT
              THE NARROWS, UT

Zion Canyon Star Visitor Gathering


Designated in 1919, Zion National Park is Utah's oldest national park that consists of 229 square miles.   Noted for its stunning scenery found nowhere else on earth, Zion Canyon is a geologic showpiece with sandstone cliffs among the highest in the world. 


This spectacular cliff-and-canyon landscape and wilderness is full of the unexpected featuring soaring towers, monoliths, arch-shaped rock formations and slot canyons.  This unique geography and the variety of life zones make Zion significant as a place of unusual plant and animal diversity.  Wildlife such as Mule Deer, Golden Eagles and Mountain Lions inhabit the Park.


Zion has meant different things to different cultures.  To the Mormon pioneers, it was a haven of beauty resembling natural temples and they called it "Little Zion" which is an ancient Hebrew word meaning a place of refuge or sanctuary.   


The Paiute Indians were superstitious about "I-u-goone" (Zion Canyon) and refused to stay there after dark.  They beleived there were powerful spirits that entered into the canyon when the sun went down.  Among the Paiute tribe there are recordings which the medicine people read as drawings of space ships.  The southern Paiutes were the last tribe inhabiting Zion canyon.


One of the mysteries of Zion Canyon is the Anasazi who were known as the ancient Puebloan people who settled in this canyon over 3000 years ago.  They saw Zion Canyon as a doorway into another dimension to the Star Visitors world.  Many researchers believe the Anasazi were originally brought here by advanced Star Visitors who also removed the Anasazi. 


There are various canyons of Zion that are not only mysterious but very magickal with power spots and hundreds of petroglyphys spanning several cultures.  Parunuweap Canyon of Pauite origin means 'roaring water' and has a number of slot canyon tributaries that are far from any trailhead and would need at least one overnight stay to explore.  Parunuweap Canyon contains the largest concentration of Anasazi ruins and has the most powerful vortex fields.  


Petroglyph Canyon and Southgate Canyon are rich in rock art petroglyph and high concentrations of negative ions.  The Narrows Canyon is a world attraction with its 13-mile stream-bed hike through a canyon gorge over 2000 feet deep.  


Many people hike into these surreal-like canyons that literally become steadily deeper and narrower.  As people travel deeper in these ancient canyons, they experience many different things.  Many people continue to have mystical and spiritual experiences in these canyons that transform their lives.