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Star Seed Children and Metaphysical Sciences

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Journey Beyond: Becoming a Cosmic Being

This is an electrifying autobiography of the author's lifelong contact with “Alien Beings” that live in another time dimension.   From being abducted as a young child and learning how to communicate with ET’s, audiences see the real twist and turns of events with the shocking realization that we are not alone in the universe.  This real life story explores the deepest fears, life changing experiences and the most important part of communicating with beings from beyond our physical realm.  Learn what they have taught him and how it applies to our personal and human evolution.


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Gemrins Bane

An exciting adventure about three uniquely different people who are suddenly thrust into a battle to save their world from a mysterious and daunting enemy that seems to appear out of nowhere.  Damon is a young ambitious peasant boy who dreams of becoming a knight while Mary, the kings only child is an isolated princess who wants nothing to do with the title of royalty.  And then Ganamor is the magically powerful ancient wizard who has many secrets about his identity and lineage.


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The Garden & The Cross

The author writes an engaging and powerful short story written about Jesus Christ and his last days on Earth as depicted in the New Testament.  Taken from the four New Testament Gospels of the King James bible and written in story form, it follows Jesus and his Apostles into the Garden of Gethsemane and into the sealed room after his death.  An extraordinary detailed account follows the chronological order of events that transpired.